RB20-Det into s13 (sohc Chassis)

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RB20-Det into s13 (sohc Chassis)

Post  Black240sx on Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:27 am

Engine R32 RB20DET
- Any RB20DET Engine from 1989-1994 Skyline GTS-T or other Nissan
- Car can be equipped with ABS and Digital Climate Control

Chassis S13 240SX
- Any 240sx manufactured in 1989-1994

Auto to Manual conversion:
- You must have a KA lower engine harness with the automatic control wiring (wiring on the side of the fuse box. Cut the wires off the Auto Transmission)
- You also need the RB20DET 5-speed transmission harness


1. Soldering iron and solder
2. Electrical tape
3. Plumbing emergency tape (You can get this at the hardware store in the plumbing isle, this stuff is great for wrapping up your finished harnesses and is similar to the stock wire wrap, wont make the wires sticky like electrical tape will.)
4. Wire tap-ins (Get these from radio shack, they sell blue ones and red ones, if you want to do the wiring without soldering you will need a package of blue ones, but either way you will need a package of red ones)
5. Razor blade
6. Pliers
7. Wire strippers


1. RB20DET harness
2. ECU pinout image (print this in color, or have it handy):

(write up not finished but this is an example of how your write ups should look!)

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