S Chassis Owners and friends meet and greet

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S Chassis Owners and friends meet and greet

Post  MentorS14 on Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:21 pm

July 13-16 in VA Beach, VA

Bring out your 240, your Dub, your JBody, whatever you ride, bring it to the beach. Cruising, eating, cornhole, horncole, beer, beer, beer and good times to be had.
-Event location TBD
-Hotel/Motel/Holiday Inn prices TBA!
-Food ideas? ADD THEM
-Bikini Contest! Please contact myself of Preston Mcbean if you are interested in the $300 prize!
-The more the merrier
-Leave your douchebag personality at home, we don't need haters.
-NO RACING, NO BURNOUTS, NO (SUPER) LOUD STEREOS. We don't need to piss off anyone living near a military base...

Hotels vary in price from $750 to $99 a night, I'm sure anyone going would want to room together.

Unless you're the smelly kid, then gtfo.

Location looks like it's going to be Lynnhaven Mall, as we will also be doubling up as an Autism Speaks event - not a charity drive, but an awareness type deal.

If you have questions, please don't hesistate to ask.

**YES, I know that SumoSpeed has an event planned for May - this is two months later...so...just come, dammit.


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