8 steps to get your RB25 running

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8 steps to get your RB25 running

Post  ash16847 on Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:25 pm

WARNING: do this at your own risk, We are not responsible for anything. This guide is only for those that know basic engine wiring, have some clue so far on what is going one but just need to know the specifics to get it started.

ok assuming you already seperated the efi harness from your clip (its the harness that connects to the ECU, all the sensors on the engine and feeds down into under the dash. after doing that and stuffing the ecu plug under the dash and everything is connect on the engine, the maf and boost valve has been extended) follow these steps.

oh for the record. only the maf sensor has to be extended, the o2 plugs in with some rearranging and the boost valve can be brought over to the plug by extending the vacume lines. the maf on the other hand has to be extended, but thats easy, its only 5 wires if i remember correctly.

ok on with the show...

step one: get one of these and remove the twin power connector from your KA harness and bolt it to one side. on the other side bolt the batter connector from engine harness no. 2 (the lower engine harness that connects to the altenator, starter etc...) conntec the plugs from the KA fuse/relay box. this will supply power to all the KA harnesses (engine room, dash, main etc..)

step two: cut about 2 foot of wire from the dash harness of the skyline to white main plug (sorry not to technical at this moment) that connects from the EFI harness (where the ecu plugs in). plug that back into the EFI harness and feed all the wires out into the engine bay. since we dumped the ac, and removed the dryer from under the dash it left 2 perfect holes to put wires through.

step three: from the brown plug under the dash (see image) connect the orange wire from the brown plug to the grey/red wire from the white plug that you just connected to the efi harness. see pics below...

step four: back under the hood, find this plug (the plug is down hear the fuse box and it will have the same wire color setup. oh for those who are wondering, we cut all these plugs from the KA efi harness to plug into the KA engine harness so we wouldn't have any direct wires, we can still disconnect everything.

from that plug find the black/red and red wires and mate them with the black/red and red wires from the white efi plug and mate the grey wire from the other rb efi plug (see pic) into the black/red from the white efi plug (basicly the black red will be split two ways, one into the efi plug and the grey into the other efi plug, see pic). the red just goes to the white efi plug (as i mentioned earlier).

step five: connect the black/pink wire from the this plug to the black/pink wire from the white efi plug.

step seven: take the main battery ground wire from the ka block, grind out the hole a bit and bolt it to the RB block and connect to the battery.

step eight: connect your starter wire. take the black/white wire in this plug from the lower engine harness no. 2 (the bottom of the block like i said earlier) and connect it to the black/yellow wire from this other plug (see pic) found comming from the bottom of the fuse box)

now, start your rb!

original write up on NICO HERE!

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