s13 D/S rotors + cermic pads set

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s13 D/S rotors + cermic pads set

Post  subz3ro on Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:18 am

By far a decent upgrade over the oem rotors & pads.
for around $135 shipped, they are a good deal. id say these are medium grade
in comparison to the lower grade stuff you can get for cheaper. basically, they are one step down from the EBC rotors and ceramic pads, if not almost on par.
the set came with 4 d/s rotors and f+r ceramic pads. they are doing well, and have increased the sensitivity of the braking system by about 20% which is nice. the stopping power is definitely increased. imho, they are a perfect low cost solution to increasing the performance of a stock braking system on a daily driver.
found on ebay, so i will leave the searching up to you, or pm me for an active link if interested.

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